It is well known that Maudlin offers metal spring energizers for use in spring energized seals. These springs include V and U Spring as well as HelicalSlant Coil and Full Contactsprings, each available in standard and custom sizes. The spring is a critical part of any spring energized seal design as it allows designers to fine tune their solutions. A proper spring choice can help extend seal life or provide low running friction. It can increase the sealing force in low pressure, light gas or vacuum conditions to ensure bubble tight sealing or it can provide mechanical support in cryogenic or bi-directional applications.

Knowing the importance of the spring, Maudlin also offers design assistance for spring type and material selection, application review and hardware design as well as failure analysis and custom spring design using FEA. Once the spring is chosen, it is also very important to make sure it is captured correctly within the seal to give the desired deflection and force. Maudlin manufactures a wide range of installation tools complete with recommended spring groove drawings for a completely integrated design. When looking for a spring for your sealing application please also visit the Groove Cavity Tools section of our website for detailed information on tools and grooves.
Every successful design starts with the spring. This is why we say “The spring is the skeleton of the seal”. What separates us from our competition however is the ability to help with the engineering details to ensure a proper spring choice and fit to give the best chance for success in your application.
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