Since 1999 Maudlin Products has committed its capacities and resources to servicing the spring needs of the Spring Energized Seal Industry.

.  We listen to our customers’ needs and strive to exceed their expectations every time.   We invest in added value equipment such as Tool and Die modeling software, Swiss-made high-speed milling machinery, Load deflection testing equipment, laser welding, and 3D modeling software.  Our Supply Chain partners are highly skilled suppliers such as Elgiloy Specialty Metals in Elgin, Illinois.  Our partnership with Elgiloy Specialty Metals and their combination of the highest quality alloys, experience and knowledge in cold working material for springs gives us the best overall product offering in the world.

Each Spool Contains:

  • Copy of the Material Test Report
  • Certificate of Origin
  • 100% Inspection Reporting
  • Load Deflection Test Reports

This is our commitment to a quality product.

The Brand Means
“Peace Of Mind”

Maudlin Spring
Non Standard Spring

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