Spring Laser Welding
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Non Standard Custom Springs and materials available upon request.

Our commitment to quality and adding value to our customers continues.

The addition of Precision Spring Laser Welding at Maudlin Products is a game changer.

Maudlin Advantage:

At Maudlin Products, we are always looking for ways to help our customers be more successful.  Nowhere is this more true than with our spring products.

Through feedback from our customers we determined that a common issue in seal failures was an improper spring weld or no weld at all.  With an improper spring weld a “high point” on the sealing lip can cause localized pressure on the seal leading to premature wear and eventual failure.  In the case of no spring weld at all, a gap can form leaving an area in the seal with no support again leading to failure.  Maudlin recognized that welding the spring is sometimes a difficult task so we researched the best available methods and determined laser welding is the way to go.  If you have a critical sealing application let Maudlin help give you the best chance for success with our laser welding equipment and expertise.

NOTE:  Slant Coil and Helical Spring MUST be welded and we highly recommend welding all Cantilever Springs as well.

  • Better welds
  • No more weld tabs
  • Faster welding process
  • Ability to weld much smaller springs
  • Limited amount of heat transfer
  • Ability to weld Helical, Slant coil, and the smallest U & V cross sections

NOTE:  Slant Coil and Helical Spring MUST be welded and we highly recommend welding all Cantilever Springs as well.

Spring Laser Welding is also known as: Cut and Weld | Laser Weld

Cantilever Laser Weld

Spring Laser Welding Illustration
Spring Laser Welding Weld

Cantilever Spot Weld End Cut

Spring Laser Welding Cut Weld Illustration

Cantilever Spot Weld Joined

Spring Spot Weld Joined

Cantilever Tab Weld

Cantilever Spring Spot Weld Tab

Helical Weld Cut

Helical Weld Cut Weld

Helical Weld Cut Joined

Helical Spring Weld Cut Joined

Slant Coil Weld Joined

Slant Coil Spring Weld Joined
Spring Laser Welding