Need help Engineering a Spring Energizer?

 Maudlin can offer Engineering Assistance on Spring Energizers.

Spring Engineering

Here is a list of some of the engineering services we offer:

  • Spring type selection – choose the spring best suited for your application

  • Spring material selection – NACE, Cryogenics, FDA, electrical, non-metal, etc.

  • Failure analysis – determine the root cause and corrective actions for a reliable solution

  • Help with hardware design – steps to take when installing seals and spring to ensure proper fit without damage

  • Finite element analysis – know what a custom spring can do before it is manufactured

  • Spring groove and groove tool design assistance

  • Force vs. deflection and installation point recommendations

  • General application suitability – let us help solve your problem from the beginning by taking out the guess work

  • Presentations, lunch & learns and product training