V-Spring is a very versatile spring used in many different applications.  It is a great starting point for any spring energized seal and is widely used in oil and gas applications due to its large deflection range and availability in Elgiloy.  Common application temperature ranges for this spring are -75 to 500 F with pressure capabilities in excess of 30000 psi.  A good all-rounder, V-spring’s versatility makes it a great choice.

Helical Spring

Helical spring is a high-load / low deflection spring ideally suited for tight sealing, static applications.  Bubble tight face seals on pressure vessels and end caps for pumps and compressors are common applications for Helical spring.  It is also very good in cryogenic applications down to -320 F.  If tight sealing is the goal, Helical spring is a good choice.

Slant Coil Spring

Slant Coil is the most unique spring in the Maudlin lineup.  It has a flat load vs. deflection curve meaning the force it emits remains constant over a wide range of deflection.  This makes it ideal for high-speed rotary applications or friction sensitive applications requiring tight control of breakout and running friction.  Another excellent use of the Slant coil spring is within quick disconnect devices where multiple engage / disengage cycles are required.  When looking to do something special, look to the slant coil spring.

Full Contact Spring

Full Contact or FC spring is the highest load spring in the Maudlin arsenal.  It has a greater deflection range than Helical spring but also produces higher loads.  The continuous rib along its outer flanks means it not only energizes the seal but it also acts as a structural member within the seal to combat thermal contraction of the seal jacket in extreme cryogenic conditions.  Due to this special geometry however,  FC spring can only be used in face seal (axial) applications.

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