The function of a spring in many systems is to introduce mechanical force through motion. This can be in an automobile suspension system, a spring return in a valve, or in the case of Maudlin Products, a spring energized seal. Most of the springs used in these systems have a linear relationship between force and displacement. The spring we’ll be discussing today, however, does not.
The simplest way to think about a spring is the more you squeeze it the more force it creates. This is called linear force. The Slant Coil spring is the exception to this rule and does not function this way. If we look at a force vs. deflection curve for a Slant Coil spring we can see a ‘flat’ section of curve where the force remains relatively constant even as the deflection changes. See the graph below.
This unique characteristic defines the Slant Coil spring. It means that over a very wide range of deflection the force will be constant. This can be beneficial in many ways:
  • In terms of a dynamic seal, as the seal jacket wears the spring will open up to keep force on the lips. With linear force springs the force drops off with reduction in deflection. With the Slant Coil spring the force remains the same so constant force can be maintained in friction sensitive applications.
  • Inconsistent hardware dimensions and tolerances can often lead to leaks with linear load springs. The Slant Coil in comparison will provide a constant force for sealing even if the hardware dimensions vary from one part to the next. This is very helpful when rebuilding used equipment for recommissioning
  • Installation into solid glands can lead to yielding of the spring inside the seal. Helical and Cantilever springs are especially susceptible to yielding. Though stepped or 2-piece glands are recommended for spring energized seals, if a solid gland is unavoidable, Slant Coil spring will give you the best chance for a successful installation.

There are many unique characteristics to the Slant Coil spring that make it a good choice for a variety of applications. With multiple loads and materials available there is likely a Slant Coil spring that will fit your needs. Visit the Slant Coil section of our website for more information on all of our Slant Coil offerings.