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Steel Foundation Shims

Foundation Shims
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Thick Shims

Maudlin Products manufactures a thick shim line to help with large equipment installations.  These thick shims are also referred to as foundation shims, and come in both A36 Steel or 302/304 Stainless.

Our thick shim line has the same geometry as our standard shims, and are cut via Water Jet.  This method eliminates slag and heat effected zones created by a laser.  Our new 5 axis Water Jet provides draft control and produces a clean shim with zero taper.

Thick shims come in a variety of thicknesses between .187” and 1”.

304 SS Thick Straight Leg Slotted Shims

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A36 Steel Thick Straight Leg Slotted Shims

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Steel Foundation Shims

Steel Foundation Shims

These steel foundation shims are intended to be used as spacers for foundation repair. Fabricated from solid steel plate to withstand extreme pressures applied during structure / equipment leveling. Uncoated bright steel finish.

  • Foundation shims range in standard thickness from 1/16” to 1” .
  • Available in 2”, 3”, and 4” square profiles.
  • Saw cut and deburred – for ease of handling.
  • Carbon steel – 1018 or A36 grades.
  • Typical lead time:  5-10 business days (depending on quantity)

Call or email with requirements for ship date estimate and formal quote.

2" x 2"A
3" x 3"B
4" x 4"C


FS – For Foundation Shim, (A-C) Indicating Profile Size, – Three Digits For Thickness

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