Maudlin Q Connect Slant Coil Spring

Small Slant Coil SpringMaudlin Q-Connect Slant Coil Spring

The Maudlin Q-Connect spring has applications in the medical, aerospace, and general industrial fields. Maudlin produces Q-Connect springs made from our standard slant springs and standard wire as well as custom slant springs. Q-Connect springs are available in light, medium, and heavy load ratings so you can fine tune the latching resistance to your specific needs.

  • Ideal for applications where multiple loading and unloading cycles are required.
  • Available in multiple loads for fine tuning the latching resistance.
  • Flat load vs. deflection curve for consistent performance over a wide range of deflection.
  • Available in SS302 and SS316. Other alloys available upon request.

Contact Maudlin Products today and we’ll help you find the perfect Q-Connect solution for your application.

Q Connect Spring demonstration