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While the benefits of welding the spring in a spring energized seal have been discussed at length in prior posts, potential complications from welding can make manufacturing a consistent seal difficult, especially if you don’t have trained personnel and the proper equipment. Maudlin can take a lot of the headache and expense out of this process with our pre-cut and welded spring offerings. Available to Maudlin customers are cut and welded springs for all of the standard imperial, as well as metric dash sizes for 000 – 400 series springs including V-Spring, Helical, and Slant Coil products. Simply give us the dash number you need and we’ll cut and weld the spring to the appropriate dimensions. If your product does not fall into a standard dash number, we can still help, just give us the centerline of the spring groove within your seal and we’ll cut and weld a spring to perfectly match your dimensions. Our engineers are also available to help make manufacturing and assembly as seamless as possible. The animation below shows just how easy it is to install a properly sized, cut and welded spring.

Another benefit of pre-cut and welded springs is that they can be made ahead of time and set aside until the seal jackets are complete. Once both components are ready it is a simple matter of installing the correctly sized spring into the jacket. Running jobs in parallel will not only help the efficiency of your shop but also decrease lead times and costs. If you have struggled with the welding and installation of your spring energizers, let Maudlin help by providing a pre-cut and welded spring specific to your application. Information on cut and welded spring can be found on our website at

Visit the Pre-Cut and Welded Standard Radial Gland Spring information.

V Spring

Pre-Cut & Welded Standard Radial Gland Spring

Helical Spring

Pre-Cut & Welded Standard Radial Gland Spring

Slant Coil Spring

Pre-Cut & Welded Standard Radial Gland Spring