Dealing with reduced headcount?
Buy Just-in-Time, Pre-Welded components from Maudlin and improve your OTD

Cut and Weld Spring
Cantilever Laser Welding
  • Ready to install into the seal upon receipt

  • Reduces your inventory levels

  • No scrap costs from cutting the spring, or faulty welds at your facility

  • Quick turn around. 6 – 10 business days, depending on quantity.

Through feedback from our customers, we determined that a common issue in seal failures was an improper spring weld or no weld at all.  With an improper spring weld, a “high point” on the sealing lip can cause localized pressure on the seal leading to premature wear and eventual failure.  In the case of no spring weld at all, a gap can form leaving an area in the seal with no support again leading to failure.  Maudlin recognized that welding the spring is sometimes a difficult task so we researched the best available methods and determined laser welding is the way to go.  If you have a critical sealing application let Maudlin help give you the best chance for success with our laser welding equipment and expertise

Cut and welded V or U spring is a finished product and ready to install upon receipt.  This method allows for design freedom as well as just-in-time manufacturing and assembly.  Your spring comes to you ready to go when you need it.