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Available in Cantilever Spring, Helical Spring, and Slant Coil Spring

Linear Footage

As linear footage – This is commonly referred to as “on a spool”.  If you have the capability to cut and weld your own spring this purchasing method can be very beneficial.  Maudlin will supply finished spring in continuous lengths from 100′ up to 10,000′ that you can hold in your inventory and use as needed.  Maudlin can usually ship standard spring on a spool in a matter of days. If you have multiple applications requiring spring and have the personnel and equipment to cut and weld, this purchasing method will give you the freedom to design seals of any size knowing that you can cut and weld the spring to suit.

Cut to Length

Cut to specific lengths (not welded) – In this case the seal size is defined and you have the ability to weld or install the spring yourself.  Maudlin will cut the spring to the required length and prep the ends for welding.  This way there is no scrap, the spring length is sized perfectly for the seal and the spring ends are ready to be welded.  In the event you are not welding your spring, the cut to length option will ensure your spring ends butt together for a continuous spring profile helping eliminate gaps that can result in leak paths.

Cut and Welded

  • Cut and Weld Spring

Cut and welded – Cut and welded spring is a finished product and ready to install upon receipt.  This is of particular advantage for distributors or machine shops that don’t have the machinery or resources to cut and weld their own spring but can assemble the springs into the seal jackets themselves. This method allows for design freedom as well as just-in-time manufacturing and assembly.  Your spring comes to you ready to go when you need it.  If you have repeat seal business this spring can be stacked to take up very little space in your inventory and stocking plans can be designed to make sure you are never waiting on the spring.

These are the three most common ways to buy spring from Maudlin.  If you have a special request or would like to receive your spring in a way not listed here, please contact Maudlin and we’ll be more than happy to accommodate your request.

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