For many sealing applications, particularly those with little to no pressure and/or very low temperatures, a secondary seal energizer may be required.  For standard u-cup type seals, this is often an elastomeric o-ring.  These o-rings do a good job of energizing the u-cup but they are limited in their application range.  Certain o-rings are good at high temperatures while others are better suited for low temperatures.  The same can be said for chemical compatibility.  One elastomeric compound can be very good in some fluids but not recommended in others.  This can lead to configuration control nightmares and potentially placing a non-compatible seal into an application.  Not to mention wasting time and money and potentially damaging customer relationships.

To help make seal selection a little more mistake-proof, Maudlin has developed a new series of springs to directly replace the o-ring energizers used in u-cups.  These springs are called Helo-Rings.  Helo-Rings are a direct retrofit for the o-rings installed in u-cup type seals.  They can be made from stainless steel or Elgiloy giving far greater temperature range and chemical compatibility than any single elastomer and since Helo-Rings are made in house at Maudlin, price and quality are both carefully controlled.

To use a Helo-Ring, simply remove the o-ring from an existing u-cup seal and replace it with the appropriate Helo-Ring equivalent defined in the chart below.

Each Helo-Ring can be cut and welded to the exact diameter required for your specific application.  Simply provide the the o-ring dash number or if you don’t know the dash numbers give us the cross section measurement and the mean diameter of the o-ring and we’ll match it to the equivalent Helo-Ring.  As always our Engineering group is available to help guide you to the right spring.

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