Full Contact Spring

Maudlin makes Full Contact Spring

Maudlin’s heavy duty, high load Full Contact Spring provides continues spring contact along the entire circumference of the sealing lips. It is recommended for extreme sealing conditions such as those involving cryogenics, vacuum and/or light gases at low pressure. Standard cross section designs are available and produced in continues lengths and shipped to you ready to cut and roll to your final center line diameter. *Note: This spring must be welded after it is placed in the seal jacket.
If you do not see a Full Contact Spring that fits our needs on this page, please view our Non-Standard Custom Spring page for additional options.

Full Contact Spring is also known as: Raco Spring | Continuous Contact Spring

Full Contact Spring Dimensional Data

V Spring Profile Illustration
V Spring Profile
V Spring Profile Shape
V Spring Profile Illustration Angled

Full Contact Spring Load Deflection Test Stainless Steel