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Maudlin Slant Coil Spring

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Maudlin Slant coil spring has been developed and manufactured for sealing, connecting, conducting, and shielding applications.  The advantage of Slant Coil Spring is they provide constant predictable loads throughout a very wide deflection range. Maudlin Slant Coil Spring is provided cut to length and laser welded to your specifications or in standard continuous length. Readily [...]

Maudlin Helical Cut & Welded Springs

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Buy Just-In-Time, Pre-Welded spring components from Maudlin, and improve your OTD! Ready to install into the seal upon receipt Reduces your inventory levels No scrap costs from cutting the spring, or faulty welds at your facility Quick turn around. 5 – 7 business days, depending on quantity. [...]

Maudlin gives you three options for purchasing spring energizers

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Available in Cantilever Spring, Helical Spring, and Slant Coil Spring Linear Footage As linear footage - This is commonly referred to as "on a spool".  If you have the capability to cut and weld your own spring this purchasing method can be very beneficial.  Maudlin will supply [...]

Helical replacements for O-Ring loaded U-Cup seals.

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For many sealing applications, particularly those with little to no pressure and/or very low temperatures, a secondary seal energizer may be required.  For standard u-cup type seals, this is often an elastomeric o-ring.  These o-rings do a good job of energizing the u-cup but they are limited in their application range.  Certain o-rings are good [...]

Spring Energizer alloys, options, features, and availability.

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Another unique feature of Maudlin spring energizers aside from their load characteristics is that they are available in a multitude of materials. These materials include everything from basic 300 series stainless steels to exotic alloys like Hastelloy®, Inconel®, and Elgiloy®. Each one having unique properties making them favorable for a wide range of applications. Below is a list [...]

Pre-Cut and Welded Standard Radial Gland Spring

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Cut to Length, Ready to Install! No Minimums While the benefits of welding the spring in a spring energized seal have been discussed at length in prior posts, potential complications from welding can make manufacturing a consistent seal difficult, especially if you don’t have trained personnel and the proper equipment. Maudlin can take a lot [...]

“Featured Benefits of Spring Welded vs. Not Welded.”

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The purpose of the spring in a spring energized seal is to create a positive seal in the absence of system pressure. Unlike garter springs that pull in one direction, Cantilever, Slant Coil and Helical springs are designed to apply force in two directions. This is why the correct spring centerline and a strong weld are critical. To [...]

Best Practice for Cantilever Laser Welding

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"Through feedback from our customers we determined that a common issue in seal failures was an improper Cantilever Laser Welding or no weld at all.  With an improper spring weld a "high point" on the sealing lip can cause localized pressure on the seal leading to premature wear and eventual failure.  In the case of no spring [...]

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