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Spring Energizer alloys, options, features, and availability.

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Another unique feature of Maudlin spring energizers aside from their load characteristics is that they are available in a multitude of materials. These materials include everything from basic 300 series stainless steels to exotic alloys like Hastelloy®, Inconel®, and Elgiloy®. Each one having unique properties making them favorable for a wide range of applications. Below is a list [...]

Pre-Cut and Welded Standard Radial Gland Spring

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Cut to Length, Ready to Install! No Minimums While the benefits of welding the spring in a spring energized seal have been discussed at length in prior posts, potential complications from welding can make manufacturing a consistent seal difficult, especially if you don’t have trained personnel and the proper equipment. Maudlin can take a lot [...]

Features of the four types of spring energizers and their unique deflection characteristics

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As discussed in previous articles, the spring is the skeleton of the seal.  In this article, we will look a little closer at the features and benefits of our four standard spring types.  These include: V-spring, Helical, Full Contact, and Slant Coil.  The concept of a spring energizer is fairly straightforward.  The greater the deflection, the [...]

“The spring is the skeleton of the seal”

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It is well known that Maudlin offers metal spring energizers for use in spring energized seals. These springs include V and U Spring as well as Helical, Slant Coil and Full Contactsprings, each available in standard and custom sizes. The spring is a critical part of any spring energized seal design as it allows designers to fine tune their solutions. A proper spring choice can help [...]

Need help with Spring Engineering?

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Here is a list of some of the Spring Engineering services we offer: Spring type selection - choose the spring best suited for your spring engineering application Spring material selection - NACE, Cryogenics, FDA, electrical, non-metal, etc. Failure analysis - determine the root cause and corrective actions for a reliable solution Help with hardware design - [...]

Helical Wound Spring

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Helical Wound Spring Helical Wound Springs are created to shape a ceaseless roundabout helix geometry twisted from rectangular metallic strip stock. Helical Wound Spring outlines are accessible in cross-areas from 1/16″ to 5/8″; custom cross-segments under 1/16″ are accessible for little polar exactness applications. Principals of spring stacking mechanics and weight actuation are the same as clarified with [...]