Maudlin Slant Coil Spring

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Maudlin Slant coil spring has been developed and manufactured for sealing, connecting, conducting, and shielding applications.  The advantage of Slant Coil Spring is they provide constant predictable loads throughout a very wide deflection range. Maudlin Slant Coil Spring is provided cut to length and laser welded to your specifications or in standard continuous length. Readily [...]

Maudlin Helical Cut & Welded Springs

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Buy Just-In-Time, Pre-Welded spring components from Maudlin, and improve your OTD! Ready to install into the seal upon receipt Reduces your inventory levels No scrap costs from cutting the spring, or faulty welds at your facility Quick turn around. 5 – 7 business days, depending on quantity. [...]

Spring Energizer Industries and Benefits

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V-Spring V-Spring is a very versatile spring used in many different applications.  It is a great starting point for any spring energized seal and is widely used in oil and gas applications due to its large deflection range and availability in Elgiloy.  Common application temperature ranges for this spring are -75 to 500 F [...]

Metal Spring Energizers vs. O-ring Energizers

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O-rings have been used for many years to energize u-cup style seals with great success.  Ever-increasing application demands in terms of pressure and temperature, however, have made o-ring energizers less practical than other (metal) type energizers.  The primary problem with using o-rings in these HP-HT applications is the fact that the o-ring, over time, [...]

More Than Just Energizers for Seals

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When it comes to advanced sealing technologies, it is commonly known that metal spring energizers offer solutions to some of today’s most complicated applications.  Especially in the case of the Slant Coil spring, which has a flat curve shape that makes it ideal for applications such as high-speed rotary, friction limited, or difficult installations. [...]

Heat treating Elgiloy spring – Features and Benefits

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In general terms, heat treating is the closely controlled process of heating and cooling a material to achieve improved mechanical properties.  Heat treating in metals is about controlling the size of the grain structure which in turn improves properties such as toughness, shear strength and tensile strength.  In the case of Maudlin springs this can mean [...]

Maudlin gives you three options for purchasing spring energizers

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Available in Cantilever Spring, Helical Spring, and Slant Coil Spring Linear Footage As linear footage - This is commonly referred to as "on a spool".  If you have the capability to cut and weld your own spring this purchasing method can be very beneficial.  Maudlin will supply [...]

Spring Load vs. Deflection

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Understanding the characteristics of the spring in a spring energized seal or connector mechanism is important when you are designing an engineered solution.  Too much spring force can lead to premature wear or assembly / disassembly problems.  Whereas too little force can lead to seal leakage or lack of contact in an electrical connector.  Maudlin [...]

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