Why B7 Fluoropolymer Coated Studs and Nuts?

Tighter Corrosion tensions are achieved with less required torque.

Due to the absence of nut locking oxides after extensive exposure to corrosive environments, fasteners with Finish PTFE fluoropolymer coated process do not need to be removed by torching, cutting or nut splitting.

B7 Fluoropolymer Coated Bolts

Comparative results of a 1000-hour salt spray test

The easy on/easy off properties exhibited by these Fluoropolymer Coated Studs fasteners provide safe removal with wrenches.

Salt spray corrosion resistance up to 4,000 hours.

Lower your plant maintenance cost and increase safety by using Finish PTFE Fluoropolymer coated fasteners.

Common Uses

The B7 Fluoropolymer Coated Studs with 2H nuts are commonly used by turnaround groups, operations and maintenance departments, and contractors at many chemical plants, refineries, and offshore platforms. The coating’s chemical resistance, and easy on/easy off characteristics are perfect for these environments. Some common applications include Irrigation, Marine and HVAC rooftop.

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